Stake that Sam Boraie and his company Boraie Development LLC have played in developing New Brunswick

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One of the main reasons why New Brunswick developed was because it has been the home of the main campus of Rutgers University for the decades. In addition, it is the headquarters of Middlesex County. Despite the two factors that would be expected to fuel exponential growth, the town has been declining for the past few years as opposed to growing.

There has been a marked increase in the number of foreigners that have come to settle in the area, reports the NY Times. Other issues facing the city include the depreciation in the value of their real estate property and also lack of the proper support that they should get from the relevant authorities. The responsibility of bodies such as the State Theatre New jersey is to make sure that credible companies are given tenders to handle development projects and that they are completed within the set timelines, something that is not happening in this city.

One of the things that are seen as a turning point towards the future of the company is the fact that in 19975, Johnson’s and Johnson’s decided to remain in the city and this became part of the city’s skyline. Companies such as New Brunswick Devco have been creating the landscape of the city for many years and with the crowd of millenials that is brought in by Rutgers, the city is always teeming with vibrant life.

Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie started his company 30 years ago in New Brunswick. He wanted a business that would link people in need with the property market whether buying or renting.


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