Eucatex is a Unique, and Yet Familiar Success Story

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Flavio Maluf had no idea of what his career would look like when he entered the University of Penteado Fundacao Foundation in Sao Paulo, Brazil. According to him, his passion was a degree in Mechanical Engineering. However, he was also determined to become a business person in the country. While his time in the university was nearing the end, he was more attracted to the business world and less attracted to the engineering career. For this reason, Flavio Maluf was forced to develop new ways to have his career accommodated. In school, he was one of the most creative students. For this reason, his lecturers and career guides saw a sound engineer in him. However, it was no longer his motivation to continue in engineering as a career.

He chose to take a career path in the business world. However, he had no knowledge of business in education. For his reason, he decided to go to the United Sates and study a new career and attain a qualification in Business Management and Administration in the United States of America on Flavio Maluf decided to join the University of New York and study for more than one year. After he was through with his education, he went back home and started the life he wanted to lead.

He was offered a job opportunity at Eucatex Company where he began his career in the trading section of the company. For this reason, he went on to work for the business at different aspects of development where he became the largest contributor towards the success of the enterprise on Flavio Maluf also used to work for the manufacturing department where he developed high-end structures and models which saw the revolution of the machine service criterion. When he was ripe enough in business and age, his uncle asked him to join as an Executive Board Member of Eucatex Company. During this time, the family of Maluf sat down and made a unanimous decision to have him work as the president of the company.


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