Betsy DeVos Successfully Pioneers Education Reform

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Mrs. Betsy DeVos is an incredible kind of woman. She has pioneered and fought for individuals in need her entire political career, and has positively impacted the youth with her philanthropic work. Mrs. DeVos’ work is inspiring to me, and I’m sure of many others. With over 35 years of political experience, her work has changed many lives for the better, and shows no signs of stopping. Championing for education reform, I have no doubt that Mrs. DeVos can make an even bigger positive impact across the nation as many youth suffer from a broken education system.

Mrs. Betsy DeVos is no stranger to the education system, and has spent most of her philanthropic career working in it. Betsy, alongside her husband Dick DeVos, worked together to create the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Since its inception in 1989, they have been able to give back to the community and help restore relations in America’s family unity by instilling core values to youth and adults alike. Teaching families and youth about justice, education, community importance, education and art have helped pave the way for a better future by those involved. These values that are instilled to others are an important step in education reform, as most positive changes begin at home. Visit to know more about their foundation.

Mrs. DeVos is actively a chairman of the American Federation for Children, which primarily focuses on education reform in the US. As it stands, parents are tied down to select schools that their children must attend in their zip code. This is unfortunate, as children are often shoehorned into failing schools. If the parents cannot choose the right school for their children that garnishes positive results, what can we expect for the children? Youth that are placed into bad schools are often subject to negative influence, which leads to bad results. Mrs. DeVos is actively pursuing education reform, and it shows signs of positive results as time goes on. I believe Mrs. DeVos can accomplish her goal, and support her whole heartedly.

With over 35 years of experience in politics and a lifetime career in philanthropy, I believe Betsy DeVos can accomplish anything she sets her focus on. The broken education system in America is doing more harm than good, and thus should be reformed immediately. There is no doubt in my mind that the youth will have a better chance at succeeding once this system is replaced with a better one, and Mrs. DeVos certainly is on the path to success in her endeavor.


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  1. not minding if this may disrupt the status quo and cause a lot of questions to be raised, I think this will be a cultural revolution. Though having learned from assignment help provider, it would be the best to have attention to the main talking points. This means that in the end the reforms will be effective and our education will be on the path to transformation.

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