EOS Lip Balm Rules the Market for Lip Balms

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Seven years ago, EOS lip balm created these pastel orbs that seem to be everywhere you looked. Many people had no idea what they were, or why they had suddenly appeared, but they were here to stay. According to Fast Company, they came to knock Chapstick and all other lip balm companies off their pedestal.

They showed up on Racked store shelves everywhere too. They sold like hotcakes and it became very obvious that Chapstick was in trouble. They and other lip balm companies had official competition for good. This was around the time that EOS had its celebrity campaigns going. Suddenly EOS was showing everywhere on the television and videos as well. https://www.facebook.com/eos/

It worked really well too. EOS, short for the company name of Evolution of Smooth, had achieved an unheard of profit-margin in a very short time. They were even giving Burt’s Bees some serious competition. That was probably due to the marketing campaign. Oh well Burt’s Bees, lesson learned.

Kliune research has reported that EOS has led the oral care category now by selling a reported $2 billion worth of product. Apparently, the all-natural ingredient rule has worked well for the company. There is no real end in sight for now. The stars are the limit at this point.

They have even branched out to help people with other aspects of personal care products. Lotions, shaving cream and other lip hydrating creations are the future for now. They release new products seasonally, with special packaging for the appeal and a selling point. It’s working well too. One of the most popular products to date has been the fruit swirl lip balms. The coconut milk and vanilla mint, being the most popular choice. They all smell good though. You really can’t find an EOS product that doesn’t make you want to eat it.

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  1. It is no longer news what Evolution of Smooth has brought to the market. This is the main reason according to best uk essay writing services people upon noticing the presence of EOS decided to stop using other lip balms and focus on Evolution of Smooth. As people continue using this product, EOS discovered there is need to satisfy their customers hence, they started producing body lotions among others. No doubt, Evolution of Smooth has taken the lip balm industry just few years of arrival.

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