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Andrew Rocklage; a native of Boston, became ready for bigger things after being accepted into the prestigious University of Massachusetts which is located in Amherst. He earned his bachelor of science in sports management with a minor in economics in the year 2009.Rocklage’s thirst for education made him attend Suffolk University Law School which is one of the best law schools in the region.

He graduated from this institution in the year 2013 with a Juris Doctor Law degree. Andrew engaged himself in several connections within the Boston business community. These connections ended up being helpful a few years down the road.

About Andrew Rocklage

Andrew is a successful businessman and has made quite an impressive reputation for himself by showing interest in business. Andrew Rocklage always found it difficult on settling on any single career.

Andrew has been curious about the occurrences in the whole world. His enthusiasm is what made him became known. A decade has passed since Andrew Rocklage began journeying in his career.

Andrew Rocklage currently owns and operates Sky Zone Trampoline Park. He has an in-depth understanding of the Boston business. Rocklage has successfully implemented his knowledge in business by hiring experienced employees who can professionally interact with clients at Sky Zone Trampoline Park Location.

Customers have frequently given good compliments about the service offered at Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

In addition to Rocklage’s business endeavors, he has a precious experience working as an esteemed corporate counsel for the famous EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. His vast expertise in the technology sector has helped him grow as an innovator. What makes Rocklage to be reckoned with in the local market is his ability to incorporate his experience in the legal field into his business strategy.

Rocklage is likely to continue growing professionally in the field in the business challenging professional pursuits. Rocklage believes that the sky is the limit and he will remain close to the Boston area,

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  1. This urged Rocklage to build up an incredible potential in finding and building up an extraordinary potential in his workers to help keep prevailing in the realm of business. That is the way in which and it makes sense for all and sundry to get everything right from the start to the finish.

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