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He wants to help you invest in the next Google, Pfizer and Amazon so that you can realize huge personal financial gains. Ex-Wall Street Insider, Paul Mampilly will steer you through the Wall Street labyrinth, giving you the same edge as those who now have access to the best and most accurate investment information. Mampilly can deliver on this because as someone who worked on Wall Street for more than 20 years, he too has connections, knowledge and research.

What Paul Mampilly knows is how to pick a stock that has the potential to increase in value quickly because the company supplies a new technological solution to an existing marketplace demand, the stock price does not accurately reflect its true value because of deliberate interference with its pricing by Wall Street brokers and the firm possesses an advantage over its competitors that is only known by a handful of insiders.

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In 2009, Mampilly received an invitation to participate in the investment competition offered by Templeton Foundation. By increasing an initial $50 million investment into $88 million – an increase of 76 percent – he walked away from the competition as its winner.

The results that he produced with direct investments at Kinetics Asset Management were even more impressive. In 2009, with a starting $25 billion, Mampilly posted 67 percent in return.  However, Mampilly was able to beat the MCSI EAFE index’s performance those years.

A believer in the impact that technology will have on current and future generations, Mampilly stresses that those who possess insight into which companies stand to reap the largest gains and make investments accordingly will position themselves for large financial gains.

This, Paul Mampilly states, is what motivates his newsletter’s coverage of trends in technology and investment recommendations.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is the founder of Capuchin Consulting, a firm that delivers unique money-making investment strategies to investors.

Mampilly, has worked as an analyst at Deutsche Bank and ING and as a money manager for Swiss banks, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Sears and Bankers Trust.

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