Todd Lubar: Advancing Technology In Our Home

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Technology is not only convenient, but it can also a solution to our problems. With technology, we can now control many things with a device that most of us never leave home without, our smartphone.

There are many apps today that will allow us to control different things in our home. Thus making our home run as a smart home. We can control our thermostat, door bells, door locks, lights, and video cameras all from our phones. For some of us, we use these apps as a convenience, but there are many people that use these apps out of necessity.

Imagine not being able to move around much and wanting to turn off a light. Imagine how frustrating it would be to not be able to do that. Many people with disabilities have turned to these modern technologies to assist them in completing the simplest of tasks like turning off a light. Technology has truly advanced in a way that people with disablities can live as independent as possible. They also can live without the fear that while trying to turn off the light, they will get hurt. Their loved ones can be more confident about letting them do things for themselves and live a little more independently. Technology has made many every day tasks simple to complete.

Todd Lubar, entrepreneur, business man, and President of TDL Global Ventures LLC. He also serves as Senior VP for Legendary Investments. He has over 20 years experience in the real estate industry. Todd Lunar is also passionate about helping others whether by making them homeowners or by just serving his community. He is also amazed at how much technology has advanced and loves the idea of using technology for everything in our homes. Todd is super organized which is a trait that has had a positive impact on his businesses today. When he is not working, his favorite activities are exercising and enjoying breakfast with his children. View Todd’s full profile on Follow Todd on Twitter.

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