Virtual Reality And Education: Director Bridget Scarr Sees Potential

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Virtual Reality is a new media outlet that is going to make its way into our every-day worlds. No one knows how long that will take, or how it will unfold. Many of us are going to sit back and wait while it filters into the mainstream, just as those before us have done with computers and the internet. However, some pioneers will be on the forefront of imagining what else is possible. Bridget Scarr, a creative director based in the UK, is one of those pioneering individuals shaping the way VR infiltrates the mainstream.


Scarr is a director with an impressive resume. She started a company called Pollen Creative Media and grew it from only a handful of employees to two hundred employees. She has directed and created award-winning content across several media platforms, and has worked with advertising campaigns, television, and digital media. Her newest adventure is called Colibri Studios, and it is her home for creative expression.


One of the avenues of expression that Scarr is most excited about is virtual reality, and her take on it is unique. Scarr sees that there is vast potential in the field of VR, and her past experience in directing and digital media brings her closer to this media outlet than many others. She sees that VR can be used in very tangible ways, and is actually starting to implement ideas that will lead her closer to working directly with Virtual Reality in the ways that she sees possible.


One of the projects that she is working on now is classified as “augmented reality“, and is built around the idea that real life monuments and historical cites can become outlets for virtual learning and virtual experiences. This idea is very exciting to her and her passion around the subject and the project is very clear.


She says that she is specifically excited about the ways that VR can intersect with education. She feels that VR can give users a tactile and tangible experience of a concept rather than the flat and limited experience of reading about a concept or learning about it in another traditional way. With new frontiers such as VR, it takes visionaries to pave the way for the rest of the world.


People like Scarr, who are in a related field and close enough to appreciate what is possible, can cut a path into the unknown. Because Scarr is a creative director, she knows the ways to stay open to new ideas and let imagination flow. As VR emerges, Scarr and others like her will help us make this technology an integrated part of our lives in a beneficial way.


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