The U.S Money Reserve: Helping in the Hurricanes

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This article will recap another article about a situation the U.S Money Reserve was in. Then the article will give some general information about the company. Not that long ago the U.S Money Reserve gave an announcement about a partnership with the (ADRN) Austin Disaster Relief Network.

This partnership is to help with the dark times of Hurricane Harvey relief fund is being organized by the Reserve where all of the donation money will go to the (ADRN) to meet the most important needs of the survivors of Hurricane Harvey.

The hurricane has caused many problems for Texas. For one thing, it caused an unbelievable amount of damage for Texas. There was a surprising amount of rainfall that rained across Texas from 40 to 65 inches. It caused terrible flooding all over the state. Roads have transformed into rivers.

Thousands of people lost their homes, that caused them to move without any possessions being saved. Sadly, at least 82 had been confirmed dead in the storm. This is where ADRN and the U.S money reserve had greatly helped.

The U.S Money Reserve agreed to match donations. What this means is whatever ADRN donates the U.S Reserve will donate the same amount. This donation matching has been going on for the entire month of September.

Now, Texas is in the stage to rebuild the local communities that have been severely damaged. In total, the damages have been estimated to be about $180 billion dollars. The U.S money reserve has teamed up with other organizations to collect items like food and supplies to help the Texas communities in need.

Now for some general information about the U.S Reserve. This company was established by gold market veterans. They found a need to mix expert knowledge, great customer service, and trustworthy guidance which is needed when buying precious metals. It is important to note they are one of the biggest distributors in the U.S of platinum coins, silver, and gold as well.

The company has worked together with clients in the thousands who took advantage of the benefits. These benefits are the financial ones of owning valuable metals.

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