Lacey and Larkin Demand Justice to be Given

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two proud American heroes who will not let Sheriff Joe Arpaio continue committing wicked deeds against Hispanics. They have stood up against Sheriff Joe Arpaio by using the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund to help those he has hurt, and by publishing all of his illegal activities on the Phoenix News Times through their Village Voice Media company.

After years of uncovering the vast amounts of evils that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has committed, these two men almost had justice. Sheriff Joe Arpaio had been convicted with the felony of racially profiling Hispanics in the Maricopa County of Arizona.

Unfortunately, right before he was to face justice, President Donald Trump pardoned him for all these crimes. Now Sheriff Joe Arpaio is looking to run for the open seat in the Arizona Senate.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are indeed devastated that President Donald Trump decided to usurp the judicial system. However, they have not given up hope that they will one day gain the justice needed and see Sheriff Joe Arpaio behind bars.

Over the years, Lacey and Larkin have published many of the crimes the Sheriff Joe Arpaio has committed in the Phoenix News Times. The first set of crimes they discovered Sheriff Joe Arpaio was guilty of are those that took place right inside the Maricopa County Police Department.

They found internal memos blatantly saying that there was no room for police officers in this force who were not racially biased against Hispanics.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio made a list of officers he wanted to fire at the first offense simply because they did not want to racially profile Hispanics. They also found the wish list that Sheriff Joe Arpaio had showing all the officers who hated Hispanics that he wanted to promote to his inner circle.

Lacey and Larkin see this fight with Joseph Arpaio as a personal matter. It is personal because Joseph Arpaio became angry with Lacey and Larkin for publishing their findings and took an illegal warrant to their homes and illegally detained them for not handing over their evidence.

This illegal activity by Sheriff Joe Arpaio would result in his resignation from the Maricopa County Police Department and federal charges being brought against him.

Unfortunately, as was said earlier the President of the United States stopped justice from happening and pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio of these evil ghastly crimes.

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