The Best Ways to Transform the Existing Wainscoting Paneling

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With correct installation and the proper materials, a classic wainscoting will pass the test of time. It will often exceed your own expectations. You might grow tired of it, but the paneling won’t show any signs of wear yet. So no excuse for replacing it. All the same, there comes a time when you want to alter your home’s style, renovate a few rooms, bring another aura in the house. There is no need to let a shaker get in the way.

Today, there is a handful of wall décor tricks to help you make radical changes without actually doing a lot. And that’s the easy and frugal way of improving home interiors. Of course, you always have the choice of more fundamental structural changes. So it will always depend on your budget, intentions, available time, and wainscoting condition. Here’s what we suggest.

5 ways to transform the existing wainscoting panels

Change the color

One of the easiest ways to change entirely the looks of your wainscoting panels is to paint over them. Even if they are white, a fresh coat will rejuvenate them. If the paneling comes half way up the wall, you can take this chance to use different hues to make a contrast. Or, go all white to brighten up the space.

Cover with artwork and framed pictures

If you like the color of the shaker panel wainscoting or don’t mind the wooden hue, you can brighten up the room by placing the right artwork on the wall.

The colors you choose depend on the room and style. Beadboard might look great in white but in the laundry room, where appliances are also white, you might want to paint paneling black or blue. In other words, instead of focusing on painting, you should focus on wall decoration.

Depending on the color of the wall and wainscot, you can choose black & white framed pictures or really colorful artwork. You can also add a large framed mirror or wall sconces. With a beautiful layout of such wall décor items, you can easily make an outdated or ugly wainscoting go unnoticed – or even look good.

Place a bookcase

A great interior decorating idea is to cover the wainscoted wall with a built-in bookcase or shelves. It’s a practical solution too since you create more valuable space for your books and decorative items. The smart way to do it is to paint the wainscot behind the open bookcase any color you like. It will make a nice backdrop. And don’t worry. You won’t be able to see too much of it if you place enough books on the shelves.

Today, there are stencils to place on any surface. Why not your flat panel? Whether you change the color of the panel or not, you can choose a matching design to spruce up the room.

Put a wallpaper over it

An alternative solution is to put wallpaper over the raised panel. But beware of such tasks. It’s vital to place a wallpaper liner first so that the grooves and all distinctive features of the panel won’t show.

Update it

Of course, if you hate it that much, you can also update it. How about enlarging the existing flat panel wainscoting? You can add an extra layer of panels above the existing paneling even in a different profile. Or, you can replace the chair rail and choose a wider one so that you can use it as a shelf.

Seek radical changes? Go for new wainscoting installation

The ultimate solution is to get rid of the existing paneling once and for all. Go for new wainscoting installation! If you don’t want to engage in painting, small changes, finding decoration solutions, or trying to find ways to conceal it, change it. That’s suggested if you’ve noticed the first signs of wear too.

Sometimes, such radical changes are easier solutions. And there are a lot of wainscoting design ideas. More often than not, such solutions are the best ones when you have dealt with calamities recently. So let’s say that you intend to refresh the wainscoted wall separating your bedroom and bathroom! If there was a water damage recently, you don’t know what’s hiding under the wainscot till you remove it – even if it seems to be intact. So sometimes, our own needs lead the way. But with so many wainscoting ideas, no solution is wrong. As long as it suits your needs and expectations.