Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Talks About Dreams Coming True

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Who has brightly colored hair, mismatched clothes and a cosmetic brand that is out of this world? That would be Doe Deere and her company would be Lime Crime. Doe is known as the self professed Queen of the Unicorns and she shares her passion for makeup and all things colorful. Lime Crime made it big in the makeup industry because so many people love to use makeup to express themselves. Many of the industries top brands only make boring colors and Doe noticed that there was a huge hole in the market place. As a result, Lime Crime was born and started to produce colors that are true to life.


Doe Deere is so much more than just a CEO of the ever successful cosmetic company Lime Crime. Doe is an artist and an inspiration to make people who are looking to make their mark in the world. Doe talks to all of them and tells them to go forth and create their dreams. Doe is called on as a motivational speaker and she always has a message that includes being colorful and living out your dream, whatever that dream is. Doe says that dreams do come true, if you take action on them.


Being born in Russia and living in the United States had a lot to do with how Doe learned her values, but, she has always been an ambitious soul. Her imagination started early in life and continued even into her adult life. Doe learned early on to become an entrepreneur. Doe often says that everyone has something to give the world, like a special message or talent. She always suggests that young people follow their heart. That is what she did with Lime Crime. She found what the market was lacking, took a hundred dollars of her own money and started the company. Using her heart as a guide Doe was able to launch a business that provided great value and a product that people wanted.


As a leader and CEO she runs Lime Crime and as a speaker and someone that younger future leaders can look up to Doe Deere encourages people to build their dream life and take steps to achieve their goals. She knows that dreams do come true and that anyone has the potential to offer something great to the world and all of the people in in. That’s the spirit of her life and her company Lime Crime.¬†Learn more:¬†

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