Bob Reina Believes, The Fittest Will Survive

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Remember that first day that you were learning to ride a bike. Your mentor was holding onto the back of your seat and teaching you how to keep steady and pedal quickly. That was most likely your first unforgettable experience in persistence.


As we age, we become less determined to handle the discomfort, oppositions and rough barriers that get in the way of our goals.


Youth makes us rich in ambition, eagerness and optimism. We bounce back quickly from the little tumbles we took, with more determination to succeed. In today’s time we seem to have grown into a society of quitters. Our battered egos, growth for procrastination, anxieties and changed agendas, shake us up.




“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, is an old saying that was brought back in the limelight by Beyoncé with her visual album.


In the United States, divorce rate is up. Too many couples are giving up when the times get rough. Millions of individuals are quitting on their marriages, diets, jobs and their commitments to fellow workers.


We do not like change and we all are getting addicted to instant gratification. We do not reach deep down inside ourselves to solve problems. We all seem to look for the easiest way out instead.




Once the entrepreneur feels the rejection of a prospect, their posture suffers, their enthusiasm and excitement is gone and their devotion to the job cuts way down. Bob Reina says he sees this happen in the direct selling business all the time.


New Year’s Resolutions are the same way. We mean well when we make the plan to change, but lose the willpower to continue in a short period of time. The less you give, the less you will accomplish. Excuses become more dominant, a true sign of a quitter.


So Much More in Life


Bob Reina, of Talk Fusion, tells his entrepreneurs that their commitments need their full attention. Be committed and you will come out on top. Determination will help you finish the job.


A great entrepreneur is one that misses the family times, plans events on 3-way calls with their downline and gets up off the couch cushion. Bob reminds them that what comes easy will not last and what does last will not come easy. Billions abandon their responsibilities, but it is not a trait of the elite or distinguished.


Temptations will be there to quit or go back to your normal life. Do not fall prey to them. Remember yourself as a strong kid, who got back up after falling off that bike with a bloody knee and persisted on learning to ride. You are equipped to be strong and to thrive more than you think. Bob Reina turns average people into extraordinary people. Learn more: