How Lime Crime and Doe Deere Came to Achieve Global Success

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Doe Deere may be one of the most famous makeup designers of our generation. Her company, Lime Crime, has bloomed from a small niche startup to a global entity. However, her greatest as a designer of beauty products doesn’t come because of the volume of beauty products she sells. You typically won’t see Lime Crime on the shelves of drug stores or in grocery stores. Lime Crime is what I refer to as a boutique beauty brand. The reason she is so acclaimed is for the quality of her makeup products and for how selective she is in what products Lime Crime offers. In fact, on the company website is a mission statement that shares the fact that if Doe Deere and her team of designers aren’t absolutely, wholly obsessed with a particular product, they simply won’t release it on the website.


Doe Deere was recently highlighted in an article that can be read on She was featured for her success in building Lime Crime into the entity it is today. The article detailed how Lime Crime came to fruition and Doe Deere detailed her role in bringing the company to such great success. It was incredible for me to learn a bit more about Lime Crime and about Doe Deere. She has been an icon for me for many years simply for her accomplishments. I now see how hard she worked to bring Lime Crime to the level it is today.


Lime Crime was meant to be a company that sold clothing. When Doe Deere first registered the domain name, she had thought that she would have a career as a fashion designer. In fact, she was studying to be a designer when Lime Crime transitioned into a makeup line. She felt that fashion was something she truly enjoyed but started to question if she was meant to do something else. She felt that something was missing in her life and wanted to do more.


Doe Deere launched Lime Crime as a personal project. She wanted extremely high-quality brands that came in amazing, bright colors. She learned how to create them on her own. She then launched a small eBay store where she sold her products online. At the time, eBay was a hot medium to sell products. She utilized a marketing campaign that featured a series of videos of her sharing her own makeup savvy with fans and soon those fans transition into customers. It was from here that Lime Crime began to take hold. People who utilized the extremely high-quality makeup fell in love with Lime Crime and spread the word about the blossoming makeup brand.


It wasn’t long until Lime Crime grew and she needed to hire a team and expand her brand’s reach. People all over the world fell in love with the quality of the products and with how unique they were. Lime Crime is well-known for its creativity and in everything from packaging to unique names like Airborne Unicorn, nothing that Lime Crime does is not unique.


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