Alex Pall Reveals How The Chansmokers’ Concerts Will Be Changed

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Alex Pall, who makes up The Chainsmokers along with his singing partner Andrew Taggart, recently talked about taking the act on tour again. While fans have come to expect certain things from the shows, Pall says the concerts are constantly changing. He says he likes to keep things interesting for the fans who are loyal attendees, so it’s necessary to change things up a bit.

While some variety is nice, Alex also revealed that their growing popularity and the larger crowds showing up at their concerts have inspired The Chainsmokers to evolve their concert appearances. He says the music they play also has an effect on how they do their shows.

For the most recent round of tours, that means Andrew Taggart will be center stage. The new release, Closer, features Taggart on lead vocals, so, by necessity, that will change how The Chainsmokers conduct their concerts. Even with Taggart singing, Pall says fans can still expect the same dedication to visual performance. In fact, he promises that aspect of the concerts will keep getting bigger and more complex.

Additionally, Alex revealed that the future is going to have some really exciting appearances, including some guest spots at music festivals in the summer. One that he mentioned specifically was a Red Rock festival, though he sadly reported that the event had already sold out…seven months in advance.

As for their own concerts, Alex and Andrew want to incorporate video presentations into their stage shows. Pall sees it as a melding of live shows and their DJ shows, giving fans the best of both types of events. Alex has a whole inventory of ideas and new things he wants to try. He says he feels compelled to keep things interesting, so fans will keep enjoying the live concerts. Pall and Taggart work with a visual artist to help them realize their expectations, so each show is a masterful presentation.

“I talked to our visualist about our shows every day, about creating new content, and making things unique to us,” said The Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall. “Because I think when you get complacent is when somebody else takes your spot.”