Rocketship Education: The Famous Network.

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Rocketship is a series of free, public K-5 College Prep K-5 Charter School. It was established in the year 2006. It is located in San Jose; Calif. The responses that were given by the Rocketship CEO Preston Smith raised a lot of question marks, especially for people who usually design school models and new approaches to learning and teaching. The CEO said that issues raised by the NPR’s article were not new to the Rocketship, they do also happen to other schools. He defended himself by analyzing the questions in detail.

The CEO pointed out that, the article used fade picture describing how Rocketship classroom management failed to give the student a bathroom break and also was unable to control the student’s noise making practices. He said that every educator understands that coming up with classroom regulations and policies concerning the bathroom break are standard. Smith added that every school uses its way when it comes to, student discipline, routine, boundaries and rewards and also school culture. About the question on the amount of time the student spends on a computer, Smith put it clear that the students usually subdivide the entire period among the five programs like ST Math, Dreambox, myOn and Lexia on the last question about least qualified member of staff given a problematic challenge rocketship education replied that depending on a budget each school needs to come up with its solution to serve the student better when they are in small groups or one-on-one with teachers.

Since its establishment almost ten years ago rocketship education has been the most applauded charter network nationally. Following the report by the NPR article that pointed that the rocketship had long hours without a break, firm discipline, students not spending enough time on the computers and high pressure, the education charter fraternity did not agree with the article. Most rocketship supporters pointed out that the NPR piece failed to paint a proper and complete picture of the network, but it concentrates much on the challenges that Rocketship faces without enough evidence. Richard Whitmire, the old rocketship author, and journalist also suggested that there was no need of comparison between the Rocketship charter and the other neighboring schools.