A New Credit Facility Courtesy of Fortress Investment Group

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More than 1750 clients from different parts of the world seek the services of Fortress Investment Group. The investment management firm recently joined hands with iPass to bring to life a credit facility. The latter is a leading Wi-Fi provider in the world with hotspots all over the place. Close to $20 million was set aside to take care of the credit facility.

iPass holds high stakes in the mobile industry and Fortress Investment Group is keen on making the most of their potential. After enduring a tough couple of years, iPass experienced a change in fortunes in 2015. They embraced a couple of innovative ideas to make this possible. The firm links up with mobile connectivity providers to offer clients its services.

The management firm has borrowed a leaf from other investors who are more keen on the innovative potential of a firm. Gone are the days when profitability was all that mattered. Though this is important, it does not give a clear prediction of how things will turn out for a particular firm. iPass on the other hand will receive much needed relief from the deal.

The general decline in Wi-Fi pricing in 2017, had a great impact on iPass. Their software expansion plans were the most affected. With Fortress Investment Group coming into the picture, things are bound to change. Clients should look forward to better days. The SmartConnect project will soon be rolled out. They are also looking to grow their client base with the new developments.

This is not the first partnership Fortress Investment Group is getting into. Since its inception in 1998, the New York based firm has kept an unmatched record in giving a hand to entities seeking to achieve their goals. The company works with a diverse business model that allows them to maximise returns. Real estate and private equity form a huge chunk of investments which also includes capital as well as credit investments.

The company has put a lot of its resources in alternative investments from which they reap greatly. It has also partnered with limited firms in balance sheet investments. This great diversity has ensured that Fortress Investment Group continues to enjoy great success. iPass will join the long list of firm’s that have benefited from the amazing business model.

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