Sahm Adrangi and Other Speakers Openly Discuss the Short Selling Industry

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Some of the biggest short selling investors in the industry gathered together at the New York Athletic Club on Thursday, May 3 to discuss the opportunity and risks in the industry. Leading the presentations made was Sahm Adrangi, the Chief Executive Officer of Kerrisdale Capital, who spoke to the large audience about fraudulent activity that businesses were participating in when it came to advertising. Each one of upwards of a dozen notable presenters that attended The Art, Pain, and Opportunity of Short Selling conference gave informative speeches about a particular challenge that they themselves had faced in the industry.

In recent years, regulations have been unpredictable in the bull market that the economy of the United States has been in. Many in the industry have been hesitant about investing fully in certain deals due to the problems that they had been facing in the bull market. Sahm Adrangi admits that he and Kerrisdale have faced challenges, but were still able to make considerable returns from their investments. Kerrisdale and Sahm Adrangi approach investing in 2 ways: invest for the long-term in good companies and short sell those whose stocks they believe will drop significantly. Sahm Adrangi chooses his investments through research, Kerrisdale is known for this aspect as they are very open with the public about their findings and have no problem letting others know about their plans.

Overall, those who attended and presented at the conference saw it as a success. The unique experience was arranged by Whitney Tilson who organized the conference that lasted from the morning until the evening of that day. The advice that was given by the presenters, including Sahm Adrangi, was useful information for both those looking to get into the industry as well as the seasoned veteran investors who were looking to improve their current investment strategies. Those involved in the conference did not have any problem openly discussing the “pain points” of short selling in the investment industry, but all of them adamantly supported the practice and have no plans of removing the strategy from their extensive portfolios any time soon.