Success Story of Igor Cornelsen

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Igor Cornelsen who is a career advisor is a resident of Curitiba in Brazil. Igor was born in the year 1947. In 1965 he was 18 years old, and it’s at that age that he joined the Federal University of Parana to pursue an engineering degree. After two years, Igor Cornelsen decided to switch his focus, and he started to study economics still in the Federal University of Parana. In 1970 is when Igor got his degree and began working as an investment banker. In this sector, he quickly made a name for himself and continued with his journey to Rio. In Rio, Igor got a great opportunity of working as an investment banker still. Among the recruits, Igor emerged the best, and in 1974 he got a promotion to work with Multibanco’s board of directors.

Two years later, Igor became the bank’s chief executive officer. In 1978, Multibanco was acquired by the Bank of America and Igor decided to leave so that he could look for better opportunities. He joined Unibanco, and he worked there until 1985. Igor left for Libra Bank PLC, and here he worked as a subordinate of London Merchant Bank. This move was a vital juncture in Igor Cornelsen’s career life because it was the first time Igor received his payment for the work he did in U.S. dollars. This paved a world of fresh investment opportunities that were available to Igor. Later Igor and his colleagues worked as representatives of Standard Chartered Merchant Bank to Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen performed his work with the board in an ideal way for seven years before leaving to establish his investment firm. In his firm, he does the tasks of an investment manager, and he is also associated with the day to day activities of his investment fund. Igor on an interview shared his inspiration as a career investment counselor where he said the motivation for his business firmly held by many years of experience while working in investment banking. Igor managed the stock funds for several years for various banks he served with in the past. So Igor became an investors’ advisor because of his rich experience in life.