How The RealReal is Making Waves in the Fashion World

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While consignment used to be considered that you purchased when you were low on money, The RealReal has absolutely transformed that stigma by offering luxury consignment items. When it comes to luxury items, a lot of times you like to wear a piece just two or three times before it becomes a piece you don’t wish to wear for too many times. The RealReal is offering statement pieces from the highest end designers at modest prices. The company has truly revolutionized the concept of luxury consignment items and people all over the world are flocking to the website and to the company’s pop-up stores to get their hands on the finest in luxury items. From handbags, to jewelry, to clothing, The RealReal truly offers it all.

The RealReal has the upmost standards in authenticating its luxury consignment items. In fact, the book that contains the company’s standards is four inches thick. Each items that is sold to The RealReal is thoroughly authenticated for quality by a team of experts that are employed as full-time employees. While the company has spurred an onset of other companies that attempt to replicate its standards, The RealReal is as high of quality as you can possibly purchase.

The company has made waves through its prominent social media presence. Its Instagram features everything from highlighted items to giveaways and inspirational messages. For example, the company highlighted a famous quote by Coco Chanel: “Dress like you’re going to meet your worst enemy today.” The company paired that post with additional posts highlighting Chanel items available to purchase online. The company also does creative giveaways, such as a recent one showcasing the opportunity to win a $1,000 site credit. The company also highlights everything from Gucci T-shirts to luxury fur coats. The RealReal now has 133,000 followers and that number grows on a daily basis.