Gregory J Aziz – The Ultimate Legend In Business World

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Gregory James Aziz life as a businessman began in his early youth at his family business. He prides himself on being the Chief Executive officer of National Steel Car, an iconic business in the railway sector. The company has embraced the latest technology becoming the leading manufacturing corporation for over a decade. National Steel began its operations over 100 years ago, and Aziz acquired it 20 years ago from its then owner DOFASCO. He uses his vast knowledge and expertise of leadership to retain the company glory of success in the market.


1The firm operates in the production on different railroads materials and also delivers high quality freight services to their clients globally. According to Greg James Aziz, the main reason for the swift and vast growth of the company is adhering to the market right standards of working materials. Additionally, the company boasts of having a great dynamism and innovators who embrace the leadership of Greg Aziz. He has managed to open various production branches in different variable regions in the United States hence making his distribution chain quicker and effective. All these branches are strategically controlled in the head office located in Ontario Canada.


Greg Aziz graduated from the prestigious Western Ontario University attaining Economics degree. He joined the Affiliated Foods Distribution Company owned by his family and worked there for 16 years. In his time working at the company, Greg became a more significant force recognized in the business world. He managed to acquire new suppliers turning his local family business into an international company with a business partners starting from Europe to South America. He ensured Affiliated imported various new and also exotic foods.See Related Link for additional information.


After James Aziz left his family business, he opted to venture into investment banking and moved to New York. He worked for over a decade of playing smart investment game managing to increase his personal and also client’s portfolio. Later in 1994, he decided to start his own business by acquiring National Steel Car and turned the investment into a magical success. Gregory pushed cash, innovations and human capital into the industry increasing its production capacity to high levels. He also hired over 2,000 employees to deal with his increasing business production. Additionally, he created a new and strategic mission segment to focus on the company engineering sector creating a safer and the most cost-effective railcars globally. With his stunning business acumen, Greg Aziz has dominated the market and established its unique niche.