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Alex Hern has over 25 years of involvement in entrepreneurship; he has founded and co-founded many companies such as Inktomi Goldman Sachs, Yesmail Alex Brown, ModusLink Global Solutions, and CluodShield. He currently serves as founder and CEO of Tsunami XR located in San Diego, CA. He derived the Idea to start Tsunami from the realization that the world is changing to GPU-driven from CPU-driven computer age. On his typical day, he concentrates on one thing at a time to ensure he succeeds. Alex Hern spends a significant amount of time at night when there are minimal distractions to focus on innovation.

One of the habits that keep him more productive is the focus; he stays focused on his targets. He concentrates on technology-driven businesses and tries to imagine the applications that can improve performance leading to growth. Some of the trends that excite him include cloud-based computing, machine and AI learning using the graphics-intense application such as in augmented reality. One advice Alex Hern would give to younger people; “Life is not a sprint but a marathon; therefore time is needed in making the right long-term decisions.” Although nobody agrees with him, he believes multitasking is unfruitful. As an entrepreneur, he recommends people always to wake up early and maintain normal consistency.

Some of the strategies he uses that help in the growth of his businesses are, matching with the important customer needs to collaborate with trusted solution suppliers, and delegating all sales pursuits to the executive decision-makers. Alex Hern is always prepared for the worst in the event macroeconomic conditions that are beyond his control affects his business. On business ideas, he urges people to build a business that can improve business transparency using the latest technology to intersect massive amount of data and accounting. He recently gave his daughter $100 to establish a dog walking company. Tsunami XR software that they own has been helpful to them as it is a collaboration stage for scientists and engineers. He recommends “The One Thing,” a book that will help people understand the strength of focus. His favorite quote is from Winston Churchill that says “Success is not the end, but failure is dangerous, what counts is the courage to continue.”