Ted Bauman Recommends Unique Ways For People To Protect Their Assets

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Editor, financial writer, speaker, and entrepreneur Ted Bauman has a lot to say about the economy. He has worked with governments all over the world, lived in different countries, and has seen it all. He is a true advocate for the people, empowering them to be independent and financially savvy. Ted Bauman writes about his experience and knowledge in his newsletter The Bauman Letter. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Ted works from home to inform people of new investment trends, the stock market, how to protect their finances from greedy organizations, and so much more.

Some of his tips include putting liquid assets in independent vaults and safe-deposit boxes. These are smart ways to keep your finances safe and out of reach from government oversight. You can even put your liquid assets in foreign countries where you have an extra barrier of protection. This way your assets don’t get confiscated or destroyed in a natural disaster. Ted Bauman achieved a high level of college education and uses it in his career as a financial writer. He earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master’s degree in finance and business administration. He attended The State University of New York and Georgia State University. When Ted lived in South Africa in his youth, he also attended the University of Cape Town where he studied history and economics.

Ted Bauman finds new and unique ways to grow and protect people’s assets. The thing about mainstream finance information is that it does not always take care of the individual, only the big company. Mr. Bauman is all about helping normal people with unique solutions. He has two other newsletters other than The Bauman Letter, and they are called Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert. People are also becoming more educated when it comes to the economy and are not just trusting what mainstream media news outlets are putting out there. This trend of awareness excited Ted Bauman because that is his career entails. Using his skills of good time management ensures that he can get everything done each day for his newsletters, so readers can benefit from them.

To learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXq49W0vAGo